Simple, Better Business: High service levels and customer loyalty are our main focus.

PharmPix Corp was founded in April 2009, as the consolidation of large PBMs was disrupting service levels and customer loyalty, and priorities were shifting to Wall Street. This business trend accelerated the appetite for aggregators of beneficiaries to take control of their pharmacy benefit strategies and the methods of delivering these programs under their own brand.

PharmPix came to this business to provide innovative strategies, greater access to usable information and flexible, coordinated services for health insurers, government health programs, including Medicaid and Medicare, and Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs). PharmPix will not compete with its customers under any circumstance.

PharmPix now operates as a technology focused PBM, serving cost-conscious pharmacy benefit payers and/or administrators that are looking for a trustworthy business partner. We deliver savings through clinical and administrative efficiencies supported by our State-of-the-Art proprietary technology.

PharmPix has become a leading provider of pharmacy benefit solutions and services in the continental United States and the territories. The OneArk™ technology can be purchased as an Application Service Provider (ASP), on a per-claim basis. PharmPix will also provide health plan sponsors and PBMs a wide range of reporting and analytical tools to support analysis and subsequent management of quality and cost of this increasingly important component of their health benefits offering.

We do simple, cost-effective business with and for people:

Win-Win Solutions

Acting on behalf of our client is our mission. Win-Win Solutions


Transparency via full disclosure and mutual accountability. True partnership means trust. Trust

Added Value

Discounts and rebates matter but changing behavior and managing actual use foster a real PBM relationship. Added Value

Our Networks

PharmPix believes that a true partnership means complete trust. Full disclosure and mutual accounting make it possible for trust to flourish. Our Networks