Our Work Philosophy


It’s safe to trust each other because we offer you full disclosure and see-through accounting.

PharmPix believes that a true partnership means complete trust. Full disclosure makes it possible for trust to flourish. Objectives and incentives can then be aligned. The term “transparency” is overused in our industry, and frankly, it’s not always achievable. In most situations, rates are derived by averages and not by individually adjudicated claims. Subsidy rates completely conflict transparency and misaligned goals. Products that are bought, placed into inventory and later sold (i.e., mail and specialty) are rarely dispensed for the most favorable pricing. This is due to special pricing considerations via volume; repackaging and/or dynamic inventory pricing that is not passed-through in PBM/Plan sponsor contracts.

Transparency is derived by full disclosure of the actual payments that are being made, along with the adjudicated claims on record, and with a coordinated and fair fee structure that pays according to the services rendered and actual results achieved.

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