PharmPix is a state-of-the-art pharmacy benefits information and management provider that saves your company costs by giving you back the power of decision.

We offer innovative services for health plans and insurers, medium to large employers and union groups, private and government health programs, including Medicaid and Medicare. We pride ourselves in being super flexible, supporting any number of arrangements with our clients: from traditional third-party full pharmacy benefit management (PBM) service contracts to applications licensing agreements.

Innovative System

Our entire structure is based on security, transparency and defending your company’s bottom line. Take a look.

OneArk TM Suite

A user-friendly system built to protect your finances in the ever-changing world of healthcare costs.

Technological Advantage

Check out what makes our flexible platform such a cut above the rest. Partner with us.

Industry Solutions

Let’s find the best way for us to help your company save money on healthcare.

About Us

Our technology serves the ever-changing needs of health insurance industry professionals. It also helps you establish a deeper connection with your beneficiaries and providers.

Case Studies

PharmPix partners with health plans, PBMs and other health plan sponsors who manage to increase their savings in the easiest way possible.