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We take a “hands on” approach and assist companies in balancing their budgets, manage their employee health benefits programs and maintain a productive work force.

Having PharmPix included as your pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) in your employee’s medical insurance could assist you in saving lives.

Did you know that PharmPix can manage your Pharmacy Benefits under an ASO or self-insured arrangement?  You may also choose PharmPix as the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) provider for your health insurance plan.

Avoid absenteeism in your business while caring for each member of your health plan with the highest quality pharmacy benefits. Choose PharmPix.

  • The most accurate PBM. The heart of PharmPix lies in OneArk™, its exclusive technology platform, which ensures detecting inaccuracies in reading prescriptions and/or contraindications between drugs with the highest accuracy in the industry.
  • The most responsive PBM. PharmPix is the only system in the market that generates an immediate telephone call to the patient and the pharmacist when detecting a contraindication in order to clarify errors.
  • The PBM that offers detailed solutions. PharmPix has the ability to constantly adapt to the needs and health requirements of each client.
  • The PBM that reduces costs. Savings are the result of a high quality care service with PharmPix.